Monday, May 17, 2010

Items YOU can donate

Hey there! Below is slide show to pictures I have uploaded from Shutterfly. You can view them from my blog or clicking on the album will take you to a link to view them larger with comments I have made. (These are pictures from me at school this semester, but was a test more than anything to see if I could make it work.)

I put together a list of things I am trying to pull together in the next few days before I leave that will be useful to do therapy/rehab. If you want to donate any of these things or have connections to these items, let me know: soft tape measure, goniometer, latex gloves, rubbing alcohol, saline solution, bandages/gauze, peroxide, Clorox wipes, Lysol spray, Theraband/Theratubing, kids' outdoor bouncy balls, weighted bean bags, putty (silly putty or a similar consistency), sheets/pillowcases/towels, dyna disk, crutches/canes, pillows, duct tape.